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About us

Shanghai Enou Technology Ltd is a trading company devoted to high-tech products used in geological and marine related applications. We are also a supplier of choice for clients utilizing resource exploration equipment and satellite telephones. Our company is founded on the guiding principles of “People Orientation, Scientific and Technical Innovation, Putting Users First and Credible Supremacy”. Owing to our work ethic and enterprising spirit, we have attracted a great degree of positive attention in a variety of domestic professional circles, in addition to receiving specific approval from the state resource exploration department.

Shanghai Enou Technology Co.,Ltd deals primarily in the following products:

  1. Geophysical instrument(various land and marine magnetometers, electrical instruments, gravimeters, seismographs, analyzers, nuclear magnetic resonance water detectors etc.)
  1. Satellite communication devices(Iridium satellite phone, BGAN, Thuraya etc. )
  1. Marine product(ROV, sonar, echo sounder, SBP, marine seismic system, SVP, marine gravtometer, current meter, marine magnetometer etc.)
  1. GPS series (OEM panels, handsets, acquistion systems, GIS products, search time instruments, GPS monitoring systems, compass GPS system products ect.)

In the domestic market, we have relationships with organizations such as Shanghai Geological Survey, State Ocanic Administration, China University of Geosciences etc, as well as international cooperations with SATISGEO.S.R.O、ZHINSRUMENTS、IRIS、ACES、Javad、THALES、Navman 、Laurel etc.

Over the years , our company and BEIJING companies all have sold many thousands of technical instrument in transactions involving hundreds of clients and suppiers. As a result of there accomplishments, we have earned positive recognition in the fields of geophysical prospecting and survey, marine exploration and communication.Today we have become a provider of advanced exploration equipment and communication products,integrating extensive knowledge from the fields of engineering ,sales,service and an understanding of the latest market trends.Moreover, the enterprising and innovative spirit of our employees ensure superior solutions and service for our clients. For years we have been a leader in our profession, boasting numerous stable, long-term partnerships with a number of organizations and enterprises. Based on the premises of service to society and mutual benefit, we have enjoyed long-term development while contributing to the construction of a modern China.

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